Child of God, Hold on to your faith…

I made it! One saying I would always say after I clocked out of work, but it was more deeper than just clocking out of work, it was I made it another day I’m here, I’m here! Truth is I never thought I would see this, I never imagined it. This is everything!! I have two amazing kids a great husband and father of our children. A home of our own. We made it y’all! we made it! When I was younger my parents had separated and my mom left to another state. She not only left my father but three kids too, I’m not sure she thought this through. It was all of a sudden I was 12/13?! I can’t remember how old exactly, but my whole self-worth was shot. My confidence, self-esteem I lost it all. I never dreamed at all. I began to rebel I stopped going to class I didn’t care, what for I thought? My father was so busy being a provider I didn’t even know how I made it through school. I turned to alcohol at times even worse drugs trying to keep at a high. I was drowning in alcohol trying to fill a void I couldn’t wrap up in my head. I remember at night at bedtime asking God to take me, God take me before my father he was everything to me. I thought 30 was a perfect age to go and a long and good life. My plans and Gods plans were a whole lot different. Here I am today it’s my birthday and I’m 34. I’m a wife, mother, and friend. Every night I pray I live another night. God give me life, give me life. My dreams today is to see my children get married, see my children have a family of the own to be here, to be here! My mother is back she has been back for quite some time and honestly I couldn’t thank God more than ever today, and every day. I don’t know what she was going through but she went through it and she’s back! We all make mistakes we all sin. I’m far from perfect and I can honestly say hold on to your faith when the going gets rough pray. God I thank-you so much for blessing me with the family I have, they say it takes a village and I’m so grateful for my village! Aunts and uncles cousins and friends! To my sister who was more a mother thank you so much for everything, my little brother you are amazing! We made it, we’re here and my father you deserve the world you have a heart of gold, and mom thank you, thank you! For coming back it takes such courage. I’m so excited to start this new chapter in life!! Here’s to the good life! here’s to new adventures! Here’s to all things possible through God. I’m excited for it all. To the children of all ages who may feel lost, out of hope hold on, hold to your faith, your a child of God hold on to him he has you!❤️🙏


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