Healthy parent = healthy child!!!

This new age we live in is a lot different than back in the old days. Back in the old days, you stayed silent at the dinner table you didn’t say a word you just ate your food. It was a very silenced world. You didn’t speak up of anything that would cause a ruckus just keep it between you and close family and friends if any. Nowadays it is so important to speak up to share your experiences with others it’s through our lessons that we bring awareness to one another. I’ve had many encounters of family and friends with so many stories that open up my eyes to all the possibilities and all the opportunities. I had a very good friend of mine who was caring an 18pound tumor in her stomach. She was completely unaware it was when she went into her routine check-up that her Dr. Immediately seen her leg swollen and felt her stomach hard. He referred her to another Dr. If she didn’t go to her routine check-up there is no telling how much longer she would have been caring this 18pound tumor, and if it would have developed to something more severe. Routine check-ups are very important and through her experience, I am jumping right on top of setting up an appointment and getting my health checked out. If I feel well I believe I am, but it’s better to be safe then sorry. My kids rely on me and I need to make sure I’m doing my part to stay healthy. This goes for you all to parents, grandparents, family, and friends stay healthy and listen to your body when you feel more tired than norm ask yourself what’s the new change and please listen to your Doctor. If you’re not satisfied with what one Dr is telling you please find a Dr. whom you are comfortable with and can meet all your needs. Our children need us! as the new school year is approaching don’t forget to get those physicals and checkups in for our littles too! Hoping this school year will be a happy and healthy one!!


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