Pray on it, work for it, it’s yours !!!

Wow!!! A year ago today, I can’t believe it!! It seems like yesterday. This moment right here y’all was beyond amazing! I just thought omgosh!? when will we get here!! It seemed like we were doing circles round and round. FINALLY a home, a home of our own. There’s nothing like it. I remember this day like it was yesterday it was one of the biggest secrets I’ve ever kept. We signed and closed and omgosh!? our emotions we’re at such a high no one knew. We couldn’t wait to share the great news with our family and friends, it was extremely exciting for us. The road here was bumpy for sure. We lived in different apartments, we lived with relatives, with our parents I’m telling you we had lots of help. It’s not at all easy to do on your own. We are so grateful for everyone’s help. I wanted to share this story because honestly, I want you all to know that this too is possible for you! Some of you may feel like it’s just your luck not being able to have one thing or another but honestly that’s the wrong mentality. Once you set your mind to it you can have it too! But, Babe it doesn’t just come to you, you have to work for it! Whether it’s a home, job, car I’m telling you it’s yours! pray for guidance, pray for reassurance, pray on it and keep working towards it, it will come!

Mom, Dad!?!? Can I have a dog please…

We have all heard this a time or two or even been here as children. I love animals and really wanted a farm but settled for decorating my kitchen farm style because omgosh!?! The Responsibility, it’s work baby it’s a lot of work. My daughter kept asking for a dog and couldn’t wait until we got our home. With her birthday money this past year she brought a turtle and two months later I was given a dog. She got two pets in a season and boy were our hands full. Her job is to feed them both morning and afternoon. She is doing great and even uses the turtle tank light as her night light it’s a win-win! She cleans out the tank every 2-3 weeks with mom or dad’s assistance. We had to teach her the responsibility of having pets because it’s a lot and mom’s and dads we have enough work on our plates as is, our children can help out too! In the evenings she takes her dog for walks and brother helps too, all though sometimes I believe the dog is walking him. She cleans up after her dog and picks up his messes (bowel movements) and disposes of it. At first, she really was like mom!?! But now she knows it all comes together with owning a pet you have to do the work and the messy part too! Her having this daily routine is perfect and it creates a huge sense of accomplishment within itself! She’s becoming a wonderful mama!! #furmom. Parents if you get the dog, the turtle or the hamster any pet at all I strongly encourage you to let them help and let them do the work use this as a tool for responsibility because it is!

Small acts= BIG Impacts

Hello! family and friends, it’s been a while, mom life has been on overload!! School is back in full effect and just getting our routines down. It’s been a little hectic, but it’s getting there (mom has some free time) yay!! I missed this (blogging). I just wanted to talk more about the NOW!! I know that life can be hard and at times you can feel stuck, don’t stay there let’s get moving… I know all too well about wanting more and more, you want to help this person or that person, you want to do more but you don’t have the funds. It can really weigh you down and I’m here to tell you don’t let it. No! not one bit, the best way you can help is simply being there at no cost at all just yourself! Yes, I said it! all you need is yourself! You want to help someone who is struggling through a hard time, be there that’s all. Give them your full undivided attention show them how much you care maybe they need that shoulder to cry on to let it all out, maybe they need that company when their feeling lonely. If it has anything to do with finances you can raise money baby!! my kids and I love bake sales. My daughter is definitely a future entrepreneur she checks out the weather and says it’s nice out, let’s do a lemonade stand mom. She’s amazing! also, we have this technology world and setting up a gofundme page for someone who needs help is beautiful! You set it up for that special someone and you will be surprised how much people who may not even know you on a personal level would be willing to extend a helping hand. I had a wonderful person set up a gofundme page for my family after a time of natural disaster, I was overwhelmed I couldn’t take it all in my tears was overflowing. She’s a true Gem! and I thanked her so much for her act of kindness. She knows who she is! you are amazing!! It’s through these small acts that we transform the world and before you know it everyone is lifting a hand together!

What did you enjoy most this summer?!?!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer as it comes to an end, I would like to share some of our summer fun and experiences we had. With the economy being where it is today and the cost of living it can be hard to go out and about with a price for everything. As a stay at home mom, I tried my hardest to keep my children entertained and busy with what we had. We ventured out in our new neighborhood. We had pool days, we went to the local library and we also made new friends in the neighborhood and went bike riding. It was loads of fun! And free! Even better!!! We painted and got creative with our creative side. We gave old objects a new paint job and made it come back to life! We had a picnic in the park and enjoyed the playground. Also, I got our kids to help clean up and gave them chores around the house. My son had his job as my daughter had hers. She would wash dishes he would dust the shelves we all did our part to help. It’s not easy, just a constant reminder to help clean up before they get the hang of it. Some days I would stand back and let them have a free day or so here and there to see what they would do. I try to give them leeway so it’s not to much control and they can be more themselves. We have had a great overall summer and I am excited for them as they enter this new school year!! Hope your children will have a great one too!!! Ps. What did you enjoy most this summer?!?

Baby shark doo doo doo

Going with the float…

Mama’s little helpers

8918BA7F-3A9E-487A-ADF0-88C26B982518 Mom life seems like it’s on a thousand these days, the days are flying!! Ahhh!! First thing I want to say is moms who have more than two children omgosh!! y’all are amazing, I mean Mother Teresa!? God bless y’all! Balancing each individual and the hub and everyone else (family and friend) is no joke. Last Monday, I went to work at the restaurant and took my little with me. I thought okay! this will be easy! I can have him in a booth and he can take his cars, and iPad he will be good. Yeah, my little kept me on my toes, he wanted to see everything he was so curious from the cook in the back to the freezer. Him in a booth!?? who am I kidding, this boy is a wiggle worm. So this mama had him help ”let’s go ”babe. He brought out chips and salsa to go to a customer. He handed the customers the receipt and told them thankyou! Come again! and when there were no customers he helped wipe off the tables and chairs. He’s on his way y’all, he’s getting it… Ps. He nearly cost me my whole tips he wanted tacos and juice and more tacos and more juice. At the end of my shift, I was just like okay! We made it!! On the weekends my girl loves to come with me. She separates the silverware, then rolls it up, this is her little getaway from brother. Giving dad the chance to have some quality time with brother and she gets mommy to herself well along with the customers! She gets paid with food for all her hard work and I can’t forget the chips, this girl goes to town with it! All you can eat chips! She definitely gets that from me! She helps and gets drinks ready and passes out the chips and salsa! Then she will help mom bust the table and wipe off and wash the cups! She’s amazing!!

I know sometimes we can be in a rush to get it done faster but mama slow down, take that extra time and show them how to help you I promise you, you won’t be disappointed, after all team work makes the dream work!!!

The picture above is my little family and I having lunch. If your looking for some good Tex Mex food this is the place! Come by and visit!! @Texmexgrill&bar


Healthy parent = healthy child!!!

This new age we live in is a lot different than back in the old days. Back in the old days, you stayed silent at the dinner table you didn’t say a word you just ate your food. It was a very silenced world. You didn’t speak up of anything that would cause a ruckus just keep it between you and close family and friends if any. Nowadays it is so important to speak up to share your experiences with others it’s through our lessons that we bring awareness to one another. I’ve had many encounters of family and friends with so many stories that open up my eyes to all the possibilities and all the opportunities. I had a very good friend of mine who was caring an 18pound tumor in her stomach. She was completely unaware it was when she went into her routine check-up that her Dr. Immediately seen her leg swollen and felt her stomach hard. He referred her to another Dr. If she didn’t go to her routine check-up there is no telling how much longer she would have been caring this 18pound tumor, and if it would have developed to something more severe. Routine check-ups are very important and through her experience, I am jumping right on top of setting up an appointment and getting my health checked out. If I feel well I believe I am, but it’s better to be safe then sorry. My kids rely on me and I need to make sure I’m doing my part to stay healthy. This goes for you all to parents, grandparents, family, and friends stay healthy and listen to your body when you feel more tired than norm ask yourself what’s the new change and please listen to your Doctor. If you’re not satisfied with what one Dr is telling you please find a Dr. whom you are comfortable with and can meet all your needs. Our children need us! as the new school year is approaching don’t forget to get those physicals and checkups in for our littles too! Hoping this school year will be a happy and healthy one!!

Child of God, Hold on to your faith…

I made it! One saying I would always say after I clocked out of work, but it was more deeper than just clocking out of work, it was I made it another day I’m here, I’m here! Truth is I never thought I would see this, I never imagined it. This is everything!! I have two amazing kids a great husband and father of our children. A home of our own. We made it y’all! we made it! When I was younger my parents had separated and my mom left to another state. She not only left my father but three kids too, I’m not sure she thought this through. It was all of a sudden I was 12/13?! I can’t remember how old exactly, but my whole self-worth was shot. My confidence, self-esteem I lost it all. I never dreamed at all. I began to rebel I stopped going to class I didn’t care, what for I thought? My father was so busy being a provider I didn’t even know how I made it through school. I turned to alcohol at times even worse drugs trying to keep at a high. I was drowning in alcohol trying to fill a void I couldn’t wrap up in my head. I remember at night at bedtime asking God to take me, God take me before my father he was everything to me. I thought 30 was a perfect age to go and a long and good life. My plans and Gods plans were a whole lot different. Here I am today it’s my birthday and I’m 34. I’m a wife, mother, and friend. Every night I pray I live another night. God give me life, give me life. My dreams today is to see my children get married, see my children have a family of the own to be here, to be here! My mother is back she has been back for quite some time and honestly I couldn’t thank God more than ever today, and every day. I don’t know what she was going through but she went through it and she’s back! We all make mistakes we all sin. I’m far from perfect and I can honestly say hold on to your faith when the going gets rough pray. God I thank-you so much for blessing me with the family I have, they say it takes a village and I’m so grateful for my village! Aunts and uncles cousins and friends! To my sister who was more a mother thank you so much for everything, my little brother you are amazing! We made it, we’re here and my father you deserve the world you have a heart of gold, and mom thank you, thank you! For coming back it takes such courage. I’m so excited to start this new chapter in life!! Here’s to the good life! here’s to new adventures! Here’s to all things possible through God. I’m excited for it all. To the children of all ages who may feel lost, out of hope hold on, hold to your faith, your a child of God hold on to him he has you!❤️🙏