I’m sorry turtle …

Hello family and friends! This read is going to be short and to the point. I’m trying to stay consistent and keep it going, there is just not enough time in the day. My threenager a couple of days ago didn’t get his way and he was so upset. He began to shout and yell I told him no sir and sent him to his room. He knows the drill when your ready to behave come out. He goes to his room closes the door and says what are you looking at turtle?!? Omgosh?! I hear him through the door what?! I’m trying to keep my composure, but I had to call dad. It was too funny not to share that’s you, I said what!?! I just can’t with this boy. He’s on another level. He comes out of the room and asks sister why is your turtle looking at me?! He is so serious too, I told sister what happened and she smiled at me and shakes her head. A week passes and we keep going mom life in full effect. A friend of mine asks him of the encounter and he said I don’t know why the turtle was looking at me!?! She said did you apologize I’m not sure what his response was it was low, but I shake my head. So thankful for the reminder. That evening we go into his room and he apologizes. He tells me, mom, okay, you can go to the living room. I said okay but, stayed in the hallway and managed to get a picture and recording for the books. His words: I’m sorry turtle for being mean. This is it, it starts at home if we teach our children how to treat one another they learn. Kids are getting smarter by the minute and growing so fast. Parents I know it’s not easy and some days can be busier than most, but help guide our children in the best way possible. The best work we can do is in the walls of our home.


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