Library fun, Reading…

Today was a fun day with my littles, but also a bit challenging. We went to our local library and spent at least two hours. My daughter checked out a book off her fourth-grade summer reading list and I also let her pick a book of her choice. Preparing our children for the new school year is definitely a plus. My daughter Mariah is nine she is well behaved and knows the drill when it comes to the library. It’s my son who makes it a bit challenging he’s three. This was his first visit and well you just never know how much patience a three-year-old can have at a library. He’s naturally loud, yikes! speaks very clear. We first got our library cards and just the registration alone seemed to be our longest wait, the process. My son was a bit antsy, but sister and I both informed him that if we were to loud we would be sent home and will not be able to return. He tried to run, but I told him walking feet then said sshhh… Lincoln look everyone is quiet and sitting down. (Kids pick up fast and are great visual learners).Yay!! We got our cards and enter the kids’ corner first thing they went to was the computers. Abc mouse was a click away and it is very educational, both kids enjoyed it. After the computer my son played with some tabletop manipulatives and my daughter and I played beside him. We picked up a calendar as we headed out with the list of events and information to what’s ahead. This trip was perfect for us and best of all it’s free!! Quality time well spent with one another and learning a plus, memories made priceless! We decided to make this a weekly visit if not maybe at least every other week. When was the last time you went to the library!?! Waiting game over, go tomorrow!!!

His first book choice… I think he was telling me something here… Lunchtime mom!

Computer time…

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