Discipline is love

  • This read is in teaching in a form of love I am working on within my children. I don’t want to break my children’s spirit nor do I want them to believe they are entitled. I want to share my knowledge to help other parents with children on discipline so they may grow to be just what they were meant to be. I have two amazing kids that are growing by the minute. Each day is beautifully made and special with something new to learn and experience. This lesson takes great skill and control, It’s not always easy to discipline our children it hurts us more than it hurts them. Discipline is a form of love. I had to discipline my daughter Mariah the other day she had a bad attitude with me when I asked her to change the channel and she threw the remote. I quickly asked her to put her hand down she wanted to hide it from me. Brother quickly yelled no mom, no!! I then asked brother to put his hand down as well. I love that brother defends sister, but this was not the time. I tapped each one of them. Lincoln for yelling at me, and I told him in a firm voice you don’t yell at mom. Lincoln you don’t yell at anyone. A special line of mine I like to instill within my children and ask them so they understand: We only yell when?!? Kids: when we need help. Immediately, Lincoln goes to his room with tears and sister is sad too. I go to speak to my son first, he tells me his heart is breaking. I told him I’m sorry, Lincoln you can’t yell at mom we don’t yell at anyone. I then ask him if I could kiss his heart and fix it. I give him just that, a kiss on his heart and a warm hug and told him I love him. Afterward, I tell him I have to go fix Mariah’s heart too, we both go to the living room. He looks and watches over sister and me talking. I apologize to sister about the tap on her hand but, inform her of her actions; Mariah your attitude you had when you tossed the remote we don’t do that. It’s not nice when anyone asks you for something whether it’s mom or not we need to have a good attitude and not get upset. When you threw the remote down that showed me you had a bad attitude. Actions speak louder than words. I have to teach both my children how to behave well and how to treat others. Sometimes children can make us very upset for doing something they shouldn’t, and our reaction can be out of frustration and anger, this is where our control comes into play. We have to have complete control when disciplining so it is done with love and nothing less. Staying in a calm and gentle manner takes skill when disciplining this technique is a must. It is in our behavior that we show our children how to behave. I hope this read can help parents to have a better understanding when it comes to discipline. Each parent may have there own form of discipline which is okay! any form of discipline is good, and not harmful when it is done with love.

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