God will lead you to where you need to be…

I want to share my faith with my family and friends and how good the Lord is. Trust with all your heart God has put you exactly where he wants you and needs you. People will come into your life as a lesson or a blessing. God does his work through us. I remember when I first stepped into childcare. I didn’t have much experience except for all the home training of watching of my cousins, brother and family friends. I wanted this job so bad at the center I was persistent on calling. I thought having my daughter with me was perfect! I can watch over her and bring home some money to our family was a win win. I called week after week are you hiring ? I finally got the answer, yes!can you come in for a interview, I was there and I got hired. I thanked God for this great opportunity, but little did I know what God had in store for me. A classroom setting was a whole other level for me within itself. This was not okay, kids play.. run.. be free !! This was structure and this new teacher (me) was a free spirit! Structure what!?! We had a full day with a schedule and staying on schedule was hard. God was working within me and helping me grow as a mother, teacher and friend some days I didn’t know what I was doing, but this helped me so much. Til this day I am so grateful for working at the Academy. My daughter Mariah was in another class before she came into mine, she enjoyed being there. I remember my director telling me kids are like sponges they will soak everything up and I held on to this. When we would go home for the day I would take my daughter a night time bath I always would talk to her and tell her water, water just so she could understand we’re playing in the water and eventually pick up the word water. She wasn’t catching on. She was constantly getting into things she shouldn’t, having to redirect her. I began to feel like their was something not right, I just couldn’t pin point it. I remember her having a high pitch scream/cry just so different from what I was use to hearing. I mentioned to her pediatrician that I had been around many children and my daughters cry is different. Its very high pitch, he told me it was normal. Since the Dr. had told me it was normal I believed it to be true. I continued to carry on, and as I did with my daughter growing she just wasn’t listening and this was hard to understand. My husband believed she was like him and just stubborn, but I thought no. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew something was not right. I left work early because she had a check up visit. I remember getting her from her class and her teacher telling me “Val” have them check her ears and I said okay! I will. The Dr. came in and I asked him to check her ears and he did just that with his otoscope, no ear infection! so I continued to go as everything was good. What I didn’t realize until after was her teacher was trying to say more. Until the day I got called into the office with the director “Mrs. Valerie” she said, I did observations in Mariah’s class and I just wanted to ask you has Mariah had a hearing test? I said her newborn screening test yes, but that’s it. She passed, I said and then remember freezing. Everything began to sink in. “Mrs.Valerie” I went in there and I asked who wants candy all the kids ran except her, then the kids were playing outside and I said it’s time to come in everyone came in except her, my tears began to fall I could no longer hold it in as her tears fell too. This was it my daughter couldn’t hear. I called my husband to tell him he was in denial just believing she was stubborn like him. I left the pediatric clinic and found a new one just knowing that the old clinic did not serve us. I scheduled her appointment with the ENT and it was confirmed my daughter had severe to complete hearing loss. I thank God for where I was because what if I wouldn’t have discovered this til years later. So many what if’s, but God put me exactly where I needed to be. I was at a center where the whole staff, the owner, and families reached out. Families cooked meals for us during this time, they prayed for us and it was beautiful. We were so blessed to have the love and support all around. My daughter had her surgery and got her cochlear implant. She has now been hearing for 7 years. God is so good and he does amazing work through us. I am forever grateful for everyone there at the center, the teacher and director indeed did their jobs. Trust God, put him first for his plans our bigger and greater than our plans.❤️🙏

2 thoughts on “God will lead you to where you need to be…

  1. What a blessing! You’re totally right. The Lord puts us exactly where we need to be. This is definitely encouraging for anyone who may be facing the same or similar situation. Thanks for sharing. It’s sad but true that so many people are misdiagnosed everyday.


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