Break the silence…

We live in a new age, new era and this day and age it is so open to countless possibilities. It can be scary to step outside with children often those are the easier targets within mothers/fathers being so distracted within the child that we bypass what’s around us. I encourage all moms/dads family and friends when you have little ones please stay alert. There is so much bad happening around us that I believe we all could do better to prevent the harm of our children. I tried to protect my girl and her innocence from this world, but I had to talk to her so much more to make her aware. She had an encounter with a kid who told her he was going to kill her. She took it for what he said. The truth of the matter is, this is the way kids speak these days. Some of these matters can’t be taken so lightly. She shut down and was crying. She honestly believed he was going to kill her. It broke my heart to see her down and out. I had to reassure her nothing was going to happen. The child’s mother was advised of the situation and was going to have a talk with her child too. Please talk to your kids find out what’s eating them inside. She’s opening up more and more and it makes my heart warm to know what she’s feeling inside. I can honestly say she’s shining brighter by the day. Communication is key to all relationships. I remember growing up and my father asking me everything okay? and I always said yes, I’m just tired. But truth be told me using tired was just my cover up to what was really bothering me inside. I didn’t want to tell my dad how I was hurting inside that I always used ”tired”. I later discovered that this parent is very common for children to use. I was scared to tell my dad because I was not as open with him in ways I was protecting the other kids” friends” from my father knowing how they hurt my feelings. When you see your child staying locked up in the room and always saying they are tired this is not healthy parents. Get them out and about take them to a favorite place of theirs. We need to do better parents, get them going again. When I opened up to my father I began feeling so whole, so alive and complete again. Let your kids know if another child is being mean to them step away you don’t have to be mean back, but walk away the child is going through some difficulties and we need to advise our teachers/ moms and dads to help this child get through it. Suicide is increasing so much more these days and the kids are getting younger. Please be aware, stay alert and protect our children!


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