Missing (YOU)

I had a little writer’s block for a sec not knowing which direction to go, but then I realized why I started and how much this means to me. Teaching my lessons head on and helping other parents or anyone at all in general. My son who’s a ”threenager” had an episode where he completely flipped out. Early morning I woke up to open up the door for Baby Jax who had just arrived. I didn’t realize how having a little one under one affected my son until this. I’m talking to Jax’s mom to find out all about Jax and his last feeding before we start the new day. Suddenly, I hear a yell out loud ”turn the lights off” turn the lights off!! What!? me and Jaxs mom look at each other as I began to walk her out. I’m sorry, he’s not a morning person, I don’t even know, like this kid!? And she says yeah? how does he know how to be grumpy about the lights on. We both shake our head and Jax and I see her off ”have a good day!” you too! As I come to check on my son he had closed the bedroom door shut and locked it. I begin to knock, Lincoln open up the door, his response: put Jax outside and lock the door. Me (mouth drop)what!? Him: put Jax outside and lock the door. Me: Lincoln that is not nice, Lincoln! no, open the door. He insisted so I pretend and said okay! he’s outside to see if this will get him to open the door. No y’ all he said no you didn’t, I said yes! Lincoln he’s outside; still, he did not open the door. I had to grab a small tool to open up the bedroom door. I broke into our bedroom. My son began to scream noooo mom, nooo so upset he ran into another room and tried to slam the door. I put my foot there and he was not able to close it, then he goes and runs for another door I tell him no, behave. (Having baby Jax at my hip) .He gets louder and runs to another door I put my foot there too, then another door at this point Baby Jax begins to get startled and starts to cry. I take a step back to calm baby Jax and my son closed the door and locked it. I didn’t know what my son was going through?! he finally came out and expressed himself: mom I took out all the turtle food me: what!? Him: yeah, I did that. I get so angry and that’s what I do. Me:(eyebrow raise firm voice) Lincoln do you want Dad to get so angry?!? because this is going to make him so angry! (yes! I pulled out the dad card!!) hurry get the broom and lets clean this. I had to use dad just try a different method to get him to calm down. I didn’t know where to go from this point and I had to think fast. As he ran to get the broom I took a picture(evidence). We cleaned up and I asked him why did you do this? him: mommy I get so angry so I did this. Me: Lincoln this is not okay, you can’t do this. I gave him a hug and told him this is not how we behave. He calmed down and was well behaved from this point on throughout the day. Once dad came home and settled in, I brought out my phone to show dad the picture (in front of Lincoln so he sees I’m not hiding anything from dad). He called Lincoln to the room in private to talk to him. Once dad came out he informed me Lincoln was in his room taking a break for 5 minutes. I peak in and see him laying on his bed hands behind his head like a grown teenager. I can’t with him, shaking my head and walking off. His five minutes it up, he comes to me and tells me, mommy I’m sorry I just wanted you. Just me and you. You to lay with me. I told him its okay! and I gave him a hug. Often it is easy for the little one to get most of the attention because his/her needs require more from the parent. I didn’t realize until this that my son was getting upset wanting more of my attention and in his behavior was his frustration for my attention. (Bad)behavior is a cry where the child ”needs” more of our attention. Especially to be corrected. The following day I didn’t have Jax and I got to spend quality time with Lincoln. We went out to the store he got his child shopping cart ”Kroger ”is so kid-friendly, making the shopping experience so much easier for moms and dads!! Lincoln loves to go grocery shopping he gets his strawberry syrup, milk, and anything he puts in whether its chips or cookies he makes sure he grabs a double for sister! (this can add up quick).We check out drop the groceries off at home and go buy lunch to surprise sister. As she sees us walking into lunch she smiles from ear to ear. Mariah: Mom I love you! and I’m so happy your here!” me: me too!”I love you! Inside voice: I know if Lincoln is missing me, then Mariah must be missing me too! It can be so hectic to juggle each and every child’s needs especially the more you have, but I encourage every parent to make the effort to give them that one on one quality time. Your child’s behavior will improve and believe me you will find great reward from within!! Keep going Mom/Dad!!! You got this!!


more of this, please!!!

Bro, sis love

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