Easter fun and family traditions…


This read is very special to me. I hope my children will be inspired to be creative in their own unique ways and make plenty of memorable moments. My grandpa ”Fino” passed away a couple years back, but I’m a firm believer and find this qoute to be true, ”those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear. My grandpa implanted in me some special holiday traditions. Every Christmas he was Santa and y’all he was the perfect Santa, jolly with white hair and he even had the beard! Every Christmas just seemed like it got more fun with everything he brought to the table. My childhood memories with him as Santa are amazing!! He would come to the house were the whole family was and knock on the door holding a black trash bag filled with gifts for all the children. It was so awesome!!! Then the following year he came walking down the street and the kids in the neighborhood would be running and shouting ”Santa” ”Santa” Then again, the next year he brought out his Guitar and we sung Christmas carols! These memories I hold on to especially when I’m not feeling at my highest they help me to keep smiling!! As I got older and had my daughter (this is where my creative side came out) and based on what my grandpa taught me. I realized we didn’t have a Easter bunny, Which Easter I know is not about the bunny but it’s about God and how he died and rescued us! I understand this to the fullest. This Easter tradition I started with a bunny suit has come along way. I surprised my Daughter at school dressed as the bunny she never knew it was me. Her whole class was so excited and we did the bunny hop and passed out eggs. I like to believe that I gave these children a memorable Easter dressed as the bunny and lifting their spirits. I don’t know what these children face in the walls of their own home for all I know this maybe their only Easter memory, but it was a great one! God works through us and I can honestly say he worked through my Grandpa and he lifted our spirits always. He was a true light! When we rise, we rejoice in the spirit!! And lifting the spirits of my children and family and friends is what I aspire to do!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and rejoice!!

Easter Bunny surprise! 


Bunny Val, ”Santa”

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