Creating a “Spot”

This is so much fun and all over awesome to do with your children! and then maybe one day they can share with their children and so on…For the past couple of years during spring break I take my children to “Froberg’s farm” it’s such a cool spot (it’s become one of our favorite spots). The pricing is affordable and just right! We purchase our buckets for only $1.25 and then we enjoy! (At the end strawberries are weighed and $3 per pound). When we first went our son Lincoln was only a couple months old. We held his bucket for him and Dad and I took turns holding him and showing him the strawberries. We even let him hold them (sensory play). Mariah loved it! She went right in and filled her bucket up! She was super excited to show off her bucket, and she got to help fill up brothers too! Mariah: Mom! Take a picture !! (I love capturing the moment) ”photos” are great keepsakes. The following year my son got to hold his own bucket and started picking them and ahhh, yeah eating them at the same time too! At first, I was like nooo… Lincoln, then I was like okay, okay, build up your immune system. (Choose your battles) My chunky was a growing boy and any food he could get his hands on he was going to destroy. Mariah loved it! This time around they had added some games and Mariah was all about it! (She’s a gamer like daddy). Then this year we went and ohhh, so fun each year their adding more and more to do and play. They had a corn box (like a sandbox, but not as messy “yay” corn kernels. Lincoln and Mariah loved it !! He grabbed his bucket and scoop and just started filling his bucket up, and dumping and filling up, and dumping. Then Mariah told him to cover her up and bury her. She was having a blast !! She started doing kernel angels (like snow angels) but, being from Texas it was kernels. We enjoy this spot so much and hope this can give you an idea to create your spot. Whether it be fishing on the deck or even a park you always go to, your kids will look back and remember all the great memories spent within this spot and cherish those memories in their heart. (Fun fact about me) I have a pair of strawberry socks that are my fav! Anytime I see strawberries it always takes me back to this spot here and instantly puts a smile on my face:) I Hope you enjoyed this fun post! If you have any spots you and your family enjoy I would love to hear all about it! We’re all about venturing out and love checking out new spots!


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