Inhale,exhale,inhale, exhale… Mama you made it !! you made it and survived another day!! Cheers to you!!!🥂❤️

6d366245-7848-4b81-86bf-5ac2c85f2088 My loves❤️🦄❤️🦖 I’m so excited to start my blog !! I feel like I have so much knowledge within my experiences. I’m super excited to share and help out in any areas where I can as a mom.(just within the lessons I have gone through). A little about myself I’m 33 yrs old and I never imagined the life I would have this day, but let me tell you I am so, so grateful, God does amazing work! I have two beautiful kids that “push me” “push me” I say it twice because this alone is all the push a mommy (me) needs to be the best version that she can be! I have a awesome husband who has given me a backbone who is simply amazing! I want to share this story “The Strawberry syrup”about my son Lincoln whose only 3(threenager) this happened at least 5 months ago while dad was at work and sister was at school . My son everyday enjoys his strawberry milk “his job” is to pour the strawberry syrup but, one day mommy did it. When he asked for the strawberry milk I had quickly made it. I had know idea what wrong I had done, until my son came and grabbed the syrup and said I do it! I pour the syrup! I told him “I’m sorry” Lincoln, mom did it,next time you can. Nope, that was not the end right there. He opened up the fridge after I had put the syrup away and grabbed it and said I do it ! Once again, I said no, next time! I put it away. He opened up the fridge again, and grabbed the syrup this time I put it up higher. No, he opened the fridge again, and used his toys to stack on top of one another to climb and reach the top. I’m watching this, and again tell him “no Lincoln, mom already did it”, next time you can. By this point my sons voice has escalated and he was so upset and yelled I do it! No Lincoln, I’m going to pick you up and take you to your room once you are ready to behave you can come out. I did just that, I picked him up and once I put him down he punched the door and punched the wall (y’all Omgosh !?!?) and he yelled “I said,I do it”. No sir, I told him Lincoln, don’t come out until your ready to behave and closed the door. He was still trying to put up a fight and open the door as I had closed it. A hour later of him throwing his tantrum in his room he finally calmed down and came out. He said “I’m sorry mommy,”but I do the syrup that’s my job, I said I’m sorry Lincoln, I didn’t realize how much you like to do it and that’s why you got so upset, next time you can and I gave him a hug. I could have easily just said okay! and threw in the towel and let him pour more syrup but, that wasn’t the lesson. Lesson is not all the time will you get to do what you want to do,(how you want to do it.)Hope you enjoyed this story and look out for more… mommy’s don’t give in so easily, teach them young, not everything goes our way…










6 thoughts on “#staystrongmama!

  1. You are Amazing! Wonderful ability to paint a picture I could see it play out as I read. I also love the lesson great job.


  2. Awesome job, it’s so easy to get tired and give in. Good for you for showing him that lesson even if it did take longer and more effort than just letting him do it. We sometimes have to remember as parents that everyday there’s a lesson to learn we just have to have the patience to teach it or learn it.


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