What did you enjoy most this summer?!?!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer as it comes to an end, I would like to share some of our summer fun and experiences we had. With the economy being where it is today and the cost of living it can be hard to go out and about with a price for everything. As a stay at home mom, I tried my hardest to keep my children entertained and busy with what we had. We ventured out in our new neighborhood. We had pool days, we went to the local library and we also made new friends in the neighborhood and went bike riding. It was loads of fun! And free! Even better!!! We painted and got creative with our creative side. We gave old objects a new paint job and made it come back to life! We had a picnic in the park and enjoyed the playground. Also, I got our kids to help clean up and gave them chores around the house. My son had his job as my daughter had hers. She would wash dishes he would dust the shelves we all did our part to help. It’s not easy, just a constant reminder to help clean up before they get the hang of it. Some days I would stand back and let them have a free day or so here and there to see what they would do. I try to give them leeway so it’s not to much control and they can be more themselves. We have had a great overall summer and I am excited for them as they enter this new school year!! Hope your children will have a great one too!!! Ps. What did you enjoy most this summer?!?

Baby shark doo doo doo

Going with the float…


4 thoughts on “What did you enjoy most this summer?!?!

  1. The best part of my summer was driving down to South Padre Island. We went to the beach, saw a few sea turtles (I thought about you Lincoln), held a snake and a baby alligator!


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